Will A Sugary Soda Tax Be Your Wake Up Call?

Sugar is dangerous to your health. Chiropractors and other natural health care practitioners have long warned us of sugar’s ill effects on the human body. But now a new voice—that of the U.S. government—is telling us there is a valid reason to stay away from refined sugars.

On May 12, 2009 the Senate Finance Committee heard proposals to create a nationwide federal tax on sugary sodas, energy drinks and sweetened tea beverages. The three-cent tax per 12-ounce drink would generate an estimated $24 billion dollars in four years, money that would help finance President Obama’s proposed universal health care plan.

Please read between the lines.

This is not about adding another tax. This is about the government recognizing the dangers of sugar and trying to take a proactive stance while raising a few bucks to support their health care program. This plan should sound familiar to you because it’s exactly what the government did to encourage people to stop smoking when they implemented a cigarette tax. In April 2009 the federal cigarette tax was increased to a whopping $1.01 per pack. This tax is expected to prompt at least 1 million of the 45 million adult smokers to kick the habit. But will a 3-cent sugary beverage tax be enough to encourage people to cut back on sugary beverages? Only time will tell.

Don’t wait for government “encouragement” to make a healthy lifestyle change. Be smart. Chose to take care of your body and cut back on sugary beverages and snacks. Drink more water. And make sure to get adjusted regularly by your chiropractor to help maintain a healthy spine, which in turn helps maintain a healthy, happy body.

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