Who Said You Couldn’t Do It?

  • When Thomas Edison was a boy his teachers told him he was too stupid to learn anything.
  • F.W. Woolworth got a job in a dry goods store when he was 21 but his employers would not let him wait on a customer because he, “didn’t have enough sense.”
  • A newspaper editor fired Walt DIsney because he had, “no good ideas.”
  • Einstein was four years old before he could speak and seven before he could read.
  • Isaac Newton did poorly in grade school.
  • Beethoven’s music teacher once said of him, “As a composer, he is hopeless.”
  • Caruso’s music teacher told him, “You can’t sing, you have no voice at all.”
  • The director of the Imperial Opera in Vienna told Madame Schumann Heink that she would never be a singer and advised her to buy a sewing machine.
  • Leo Tolstoy flunked out of college.
  • Werner von Braun flunked 9th grade algebra.
  • Admiral Richard E. Byrd had retired from the Navy, as “Unfit for service” until he flew over both poles.
  • Louis Pasterur was rated as mediocre in chemistry when he attended the Royal College.
  • Abraham Lincoln entereds the Black Hawk War as a Captain and came out as a private.
  • Louisa May Alcott was told by an editor that she could never write anything that had popular appeal.
  • Winston Churchill failed the sixth grade.