Where is your Faith?

Do you have more faith in a pill, a shot, a vitamin, or an herb to heal your body…or will you put your faith in the power that created your body to begin with?

The human body is an amazing creation, powerful, a bit mysterious, and fully capable of healing itself. Yet many of us forget this fact, and at the first sign of sickness, turn to medicine for a cure. Studies show that medicine works by masking symptoms, never really eradicating the root problem itself. It’s interesting that so much faith is placed in a science that all too often fails to produce steady, safe, healing results.

At the entire end of the spectrum is chiropractic care. Doctors of Chiropractic believe the human body is born with an innate ability to heal itself from disease. The body always knows what to do, how to function, how to act and react, unless something interferes with its internal communication process. One of the most common causes of internal communication interference is a misalignment of the spine. For example, a symptom of a spinal misalignment may be back pain and headache. Taking a pill may temporarily relieve the headache or backache, but it has done nothing to correct the spinal misalignment. Worse still, when the medication wears off, the symptom will return. Even worse than that, is a spinal misalignment is left uncorrected, over time it will grow from a small problem to a larger problem with more serious health consequences.

That’s why chiropractic works to resolve the root of the problem, not just treat the symptom. And that’s why it’s important to place your faith in the body’s ability to heal itself—not a pill.