What to do until Health Care is reformed

dr-hibbert-from-the-simpsonsRegardless of who you voted for in the presidential election, and despite all of the disagreements on political policies, one thing every American can agree upon is that our health care system is broken. If it weren’t, our nation would be a lot healthier. But the chore of fixing health care does not rest solely on the shoulders of politicians; health care really begins with you and the health choices you make for your life. After all, the way you treat your body today will affect how healthy and happy you are in years to come.

Our country is 232 years old and a super-power among the nations, yet millions of Americans still do not have health care insurance or easy access to a doctor. This sends a clear message that we can not wait for—or rely on—government to make us healthy, we must all take personal proactive measures to ensure that we are living as healthy as possible before a need for government assistance arises.

A smart start to being proactive about your health is to receive chiropractic adjustments on a regular basis. Chiropractic does far more than just provide relief for back pain, it works to open the door to your body’s own ability to heal itself and ward off sickness.

Now is the time to instate your own personal brand of health care; make chiropractic adjustments a regular part of your healthy lifestyle, along with eating smart and getting weekly exercise.


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