What really causes smoker’s cancer?

Many smokers believe the misconception that nicotine causes cancer. The truth is that tobacco smoke itself is the culprit which delivers cancer causing agents. Nicotine is nothing more than an addictive drug found in tobacco that makes you want more and more nicotine. The bad news is that to satisfy the nicotine craving, you’ve got to smoke, and when you smoke, you’re putting cancerous chemicals directly into your bloodstream.

But there’s help for smokers. Nicotine patches, sprays and other products can actually enable you to quit smoking—and they don’t cause cancer.

Do all that you can to NOT become a death statistic for smokers cancer. Take the extra steps to kick the habit today. It’s not too late to change your course and improve your health—but you’ve got to stop smoking to make it happen.

[Source: cancer.org]





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