Watching the Inauguration vs. Adjusting Patients

Trying to adjust and watch the inauguration
Trying to adjust and watch the inauguration

I wanted to see Barack Obama’s Inauguration today. We were also busy with patients. The solution-I thought was simple: set up the laptop to stream the live feed from CNN and problem solved!

  • Problem #1 Not focusing 100% on the patient- Even if I perform a quick adjustment-I have to focus 100% on what I’m doing. Worrying about the feed and sound and everything made it seem that I had put more thought into that than the patient in front of me.
  • Problem #2 -At the very moment of the inauguration time The phone company came by to install some phone lines and took town our internet. (solved problem #1)

I’m sure I will have plenty of time to watch the endless barrage of video clips on Obama tonight.  I’m glad that circumstances made me see what is really important and where my focus should be.



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