Vaccines Are Not Mercury Free

vaccineAfter much public controversy surrounding the mercury content of
childhood vaccinations, Health Advocacy in the Public Interest (HAPI)
raised $500 to have four vaccines tested for heavy metal content.
The vials were sent to Doctor’s Data, an independent lab which
specializes in heavy metal testing.

Many manufacturers voluntarily began producing supposed “mercury
free” vaccines in 1999. Some product inserts currently claim that
a “trace” amount of mercury still exists in the final product but
that the amount has been greatly reduced. Others claim to be
producing completely mercury free products.

During an investigation into the mercury issue, HAPI learned that
Thimerosal, a 50% mercury compound, is still being used to produce
most vaccines and that the manufacturers are simply “filtering it
out” of the final product. However, according to Boyd Haley, PhD,
Chemistry Department Chair, University of Kentucky, mercury binds to
the antigenic protein in the vaccine and cannot be completely, 100%
filtered out.

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Vaccines are NOT Mercury Free



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