Vaccines and Autism

Scientists believe they have found a direct link between childhood vaccinations and autism, asthma and ADHD!

These shocking results come from a ground-breaking study released in June 2007 by Generation Rescue. The research, privately funded without ties to the pharmaceutical industry or the medical community, included an extensive interview of 17,674 vaccinated and unvaccinated children.

When compared to non-vaccinated boys in the same age group, researchers found the following statistics:

– Vaccinated boys age 4-17 are 155 percent more likely to have neurological disorders, are 224 percent more likely to have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and 61 percent more likely to have autism.

– Older boys, in the age range of 11 to 17, who were vaccinated were found to be even more susceptible to autism. They are 158 percent more likely to have a neurological disorder, 317 percent more likely to have ADHD, and 112 percent more likely to have autism.

– Vaccinated boys were 224 percent more likely to develop ADHD.

– Vaccinated boys and girls were 120 percent more likely to develop asthma.

Younger boys that have been vaccinated show less symptoms of autism, however researchers believe that these lower numbers will rise over time as professionals are more able to accurately diagnose the early symptoms of autism in younger children.

Scientists who conducted the study now believe that the mercury found in routine childhood immunizations plays a major role in the ten-fold increase in autism cases over the past two decades.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1 in every 150 children will develop autism.

[Source: article “The Age of Autism: Study sees vaccine risk” at,

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  1. Jeffrey Dach MD Avatar
    Jeffrey Dach MD

    Dar Dan,

    The Most Bitter Debate

    There is no greater rancor in medicine than the autism-vaccine debate, and this debate has reached the federal vaccine court where 5000 autistic kids and their families are requesting compensation for vaccine injury.

    In California it is a illegal to inject newborns with the mercury containing vaccines (such as the thimerosol Hep-B Shot), and it should be crime in your state as well.

    Hepatitis B is transmitted with IV drug abuse, or via promiscuity, both of which are somewhat impossible for newborns. It is much safer to wait until the child is 3 years old to give the shot.

    Hopefully, the injection of mercury into newborns will soon become a relic of the ancient past, taking its rightful place in the museum along with bloodletting and leeches. Until then, there is much work to be done to remove mercury from our vaccinations. As a nation, we can’t afford not to.

    Thousands of families are reporting their normal children changed after receiving mercury-containing vaccines, and began displaying Autism symptoms (which mimic mercury poisoning).

    There are many videos posted on U-Tube showing a typical story. The new born child develops normally, is then vaccinated and becomes autistic. After biologic treatment by a DAN physician the child dramatically improves. (Click Here for Video)

    Read more at:
    Autism and Mercury Vaccines by Jeffrey Dach MD

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