There is a lot of controversy as to whether the vaccine do any good at all. According to the hygienic school of health (which is based on experience rather than theory), the symptoms we associate with diseases are not the diseases – they are the mechanisms by which the body externalizes (or gets rid of) toxins.
Vaccines do not prevent disease but inject toxins deep into the body, thus driving disease deeper. Research shows that children who are permitted to have fever, skin eruptions, diarrhea and other symptoms have less cancer and heart disease as adults.

Vaccines may be making our children sicker with deep disease – if you read the product inserts that come with vaccines you’ll see some pretty nasty diseases – encephalitis (inflammation of the brain), all kinds of immunological and neurological conditions as well as brain (psychological) disorders plus death (cribs death or SIDS). Lets not forget conditions as varied as allergies and autism – which were barely or non-existent before vaccination.

Do the benefits outweigh the risks? Absolutely not. Death from diseases of childhood were up to 98% gone by the time the vaccines were in mass usage because of cleaner living conditions.

Do I recommend vaccination of children? Only if you want to risk autism, immune system damage, and a permanently sick child – and get no real benefit.

Numerous studies comparing non-vaccinated to vaccinated children show the vaccinated to be far sicker with neurological and immunological (as well as psychological) illness than the non-vaccinated. In my opinions there is zero reasons to vaccinate.

Tedd Koren, DC