Toddler Tooth Decay

For many parents in the United States, brushing a toddlers baby teeth isn’t always top of mind—but it should be.

If a child is old enough to have a tooth, he’s old enough to get a painful cavity, which is why it’s extremely important that parents teach oral hygiene to their children as soon as teeth begin to emerge.

To help ensure that your child has a healthy smile, do not allow your toddler to fall asleep with a bottle containing milk, formula, fruit juice, or a sweetened product of any kind. If your baby needs a bottle or sippy cup to help them fall asleep, fill it with water. Here’s why: the sugars—even the sugars found in milk—are enough to begin rotting a child’s teeth during sleeping.

To combat tooth decay, begin brushing your toddler’s teeth very early in life.

In conjunction with tooth brushing and dental cleanings, make sure your child receives regularly scheduled chiropractic adjustments to help enhance the rest of your toddler’s health. It’s the simple things like this that will help give your child a healthy start in life.





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