Tips to staying healthy

If you’re like many Americans and you’ve made a New Year’s resolution to get fit and eat healthy—February is the month when those resolutions begin to fade away. Don’t fall off the wagon; there are lots of little things you can do that will help you transition into a healthier lifestyle. Consider the following:

Snack Attack – Don’t risk getting hungry and resorting to unhealthy foods. Instead, when you leave the house, take a lunch cooler full of nutritious foods you can nibble on throughout the day.

Drink Water – The human body is comprised of 75% water. Your nervous system, bones, blood and muscles all need plenty of water to function properly. Drink 8 full cups of water daily. It will also help lower your appetite.

Schedule Ahead – Before you go to bed at night, plan a time to exercise the following day. If that means taking gym clothes to work with you, pack your clothes in the car the night before. Plan ahead to exercise.

Skip Sugar – Sugar will keep you from losing weight and gaining health. Sugar is proven to weaken the immune system, cause weight gain, and lead to diseases. Craving something sweet? Choose a piece of fruit over a candy bar.

Buddy System – Find a friend you can exercise with. You’ll be less likely to skip the gym if you know your friend is waiting for you.

Check The Scale – Studies show that people who weigh themselves each day tend to be more successful at keeping weight off because they use the scale’s information to adjust their eating and exercise habits.

Chiropractic Adjustments – You’ll need a healthy spine in order to have a healthier body. Achieve spinal health by scheduling regular adjustments with your Chiropractor. A spine free from misalignments will help insure that your body is able to reap maximum benefits from your healthy eating and exercise.





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