Things I would go back and tell my younger self

lildannyI’ve just had a “milestone” birthday, and that’s caused me to reflect back on my life. I don’t regret much…because it’s brought me to this point-a point where I’m generally happy with my life so far.

Things I would tell my kid self:

  • I know your brother breaks your stuff and he is able to get away with things you wouldn’t…let it go. One day you will both look back on all that and laugh.
  • Stick with something and finish! Whether it’s piano, guitar, or karate. One day you will wish you had leaned one of those skills.
  • Oh, and give your mom a break-she is smothering, but she loves you.

What I would tell my teenage self:

  • Don’t worry about people liking you. Be yourself. You’re pretty awesome.
  • Those girls that you were afraid to talk to? They like you too. They told me.
  • For God’s sake, do something about that hair!

What I would tell my 20’s self:

  • Figure out what you like to do. Don’t take college classes just for the heck of it. Most of those classes you’re taking and stressing about won’t be of any use to you later.
  • Don’t worry about finding the perfect girl you are going to bring home to mom. She’s going to hate her anyway.
  • Don’t co-sign a loan for a friend, dummy.
  • That job that you stress out about…does it really make you happy? Can you see yourself doing that for the rest of your life?
  • Seriously, that hair…do something.

What I would say to my 30’s self:

  • Insure your shit.
  • Don’t lose your focus.
  • Call your dad more.
  • By the way, your mother is still going to hate whomever you bring home this time.
  • At least you have hair.

What I would say to my 40’s self:

  • Hey, you deserve to be happy. Stop trying to please others that don’t appreciate you and what makes you special. You are making yourself miserable.
  • Stop being so scared of taking business risks. Do your thing exactly the way you envisioned it. Why wait around?
  • It wouldn’t kill you to get on a treadmill every now and then, either.

Im sure that in ten years I’ll have another list for myself. Hopefully telling me that I’m still a pretty awesome sexy guy with great hair and his stuff together.

However, you never know…I could still go off the deep end. Stay Tuned.


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