The Stages of Illness

By Dr. Peter Amlinger

Many years ago a Medical Historian named Sir Charles Singer wrote about the stages of ill health, among other things.  This noted author’s writings are as accurate today as they were when he first wrote them.  He asserts that:

  • The first stage is a functional impairment.  He states that this may not be noticeable by the patient or the physician.  We call this ACLINICAL ILLNESS.  There are no symptoms or signs in this stage and no diagnostic tests are positive.
  • The second stage brings signs and symptoms.
  • The third stage brings structural and/or cellular changes.

Sir Charles goes on to state that people are rarely seen before the second stage and more often than not are first seen when they are in the third stage.

He then makes the astonishingly accurate comparison that “to try and learn about an ailment under such circumstances, (i.e.. in the 2nd or 3rd stage), is something like trying to learn about chess by watching THE LAST MOVES of a game between two experts, unaware that the outcome is frequently decided IN THE FIRST MOVES.

Subluxations are functional impairments; misalignments between the spinal bones which IMPAIR proper nerve function.  Altered nerve function causes abnormal function within cells.  Abnormal cell function causes symptoms and signs and if they persist long enough they cause structural changes in both the spine and in the tissues receiving the subnormal nerve flow.

There is a doctor who can find the functional impairment of the first stage of disease; it is the CHIROPRACTOR.

Think about it, when would be the best time to have a developing health problem taken care of?  In its early “aclinical stages” or in its end stage?

BJ Palmer discussed the importance of finding and correcting ACUTE SUBLUXATIONS; correcting them before they became chronic and cause structural disease.  GET THIS – OVER 80% OF BABIES ARE BORN SUBLUXATED!

When is the best/only opportunity to have the acute subluxation corrected? Do you have loved ones at home who have never been checked for subluxation?  Are you/they waiting for 2nd or 3rd stage illness?  Why?

If this article makes as much sense to you as it does to me; I would think that you will be arranging for your family to get checked for subluxations NOW.

We would welcome the opportunity to check them; the earlier in life, the better.