The Seizures Stopped!

Recently a patient came in and brought her child in to the office after not being in for almost two and a half years (since 2006)-I asked why it had been so long. She replied, “my son’s seizures stopped!”

Quickly looking through the patient file I saw that I had written down that the child had seizures “every 8-10 seconds” 

Then I started to remember the case. I remember the lady coming in and asking me if chiropractic could possibly help her child. I gave her the standard answer that I usually give to patients when I am doubting-” Possibly, but his body will certainly work better even if it can’t help the seizures. ”

I remember adjusting the child using KST-a technique I had just started learning back then. Apparently she paid for 3 visits and then I never heard from her again. I really just assumed that the adjustments hadn’t really worked and that she just went back to whatever healthcare options were available for her. 

I was in shock!  The kid I had adjusted before and the kid sitting on my adjusting table looked and acted completely different. 

It’s incredible what can happen if a body’s nervous system is allowed to be free of pressure and interference.!



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