The Prisoner

The Prisoner was one of those shows that totally messed me up when I was a kid. I wasn’t sure if I understood it-but then I don’t think Anyone ever really understood it. And that was it’s draw and charm. Well, The Prisoner is getting a “reboot”. It’s been updated and Jim Cavieziel and Ian McKellan starring. I think I will be hooked!

The new one: [brightcove vid=30345659001&exp=1119352258&w=400&h=373]
The original:

[brightcove vid=6069547001&exp=1119352258&w=440&h=373]




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  1. jonkenna Avatar

    Hi. I only just joined WordPress today. Saw your blog on The Prisoner new series. I’m a big fan of the old one and can’t wait for the new. Of course I have some reservations about various changes but the series has to be brought up to date, I guess. One thing I wanted to ask you is; I want to view the old episodes from but, living in England, I don’t think its poss. U know any ways round this? BTW, I live about an hour’s drive from Portmerion where the 60s series was filmed and have visited a few times. U ever get there?

  2. kingbiscuitpants Avatar

    I was hugely disappointed by the reboot & I desperately wanted it to be good since I’m a such a fan of the original, I go on about it in the following

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