The Lemonade Diet – Are You Tough Enough?

The Lemonade Diet – Are You Tough Enough?
By Shelia Lirette

While many people attempt the Lemonade Diet, it is not for the weak willed. While on this diet, you consume nothing but a special lemonade for 21 days straight. Some dieters succeed, but most fall short… way short.

Before starting this diet, most people want to know if it’s actually healthy. Well, it depends on who you ask. Opponents of the “diet” (which is more accurately described as a liquid fast and is also called the Master Cleanse) claim there’s not enough vitamins and that the acids from the lemons will rot your teeth, while others claim that lemons actually have an alkalizing effect on the body, which is always great for energy and weight loss.

Something else that usually comes up with this kind of diet is hunger. Anyone who has tried any fasting knows what I mean. It’s not merely the gnawing in the pit of your stomach but the psychological idea of eating. The more you think about eating, the more obsessed with eating you become.

Of course, something to think about is how much weight do you really need/want to lose? If you only have about five pounds to drop, you may not need the full 21 days. Many people find that they’re happy with just 7 or 10 days, and that’s fine.

So do you just drink lemonade and nothing else? Well, no. Every morning you start with a saltwater flush that’s supposed to clean out your digestive system. Just a word of caution, have plenty of toilet paper and reading material because you will use the bathroom… a lot. But, that’s a good thing because it’s expelling toxins which supposedly contributes to weight gain and lethargy.

Once you’ve had your flush, you can have as much lemonade as you want. Now, we’re not talking the powered kind you just mix with water. This lemonade is fresh squeezed lemon juice, maple or agave syrup, purified water, and cayenne pepper. According to sources this combination hydrates the system, flushing out more toxins, and cleanses the joints and muscles.

People who have stuck to this daily regimen of the saltwater flush in the morning (using sea salt and purified water), followed by unlimited quantities of lemonade, have experienced weight loss as significant as two pounds per day!

Of course, something to think about is that while you are on this cleanse, the calories and carbs you are drinking are much, much lower than you normally would consume. So while the Lemonade Diet may be quite challenging, its benefits and effectiveness are by no means in question. However, there are perhaps healthier options so please do your research.

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