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  • Should a Child Be Vaccinated?

    Should a Child Be Vaccinated?

    Tedd Koren, DC OK, I admit it, I kicked a beehive, or perhaps a hornet’s nest. I commented in a public discussion group about childhood […]

  • Vaccinations


    There is a lot of controversy as to whether the vaccine do any good at all. According to the hygienic school of health (which is […]

  • Seasonal Flu Shot Does Not Protect Elderly

    Immune system boosting chiropractic care for people age 65 and older has never been more important, especially as flu season begins to ramp up. Consider […]

  • Letter to School Nurse – H1N1 Vaccine

    Anne Dachel, an advsier to Hope For Autism, is an incredible writer and one of the knowlegdable people I’ve met in regards to vaccines, autism […]

  • Beware: Swine Flu Vaccine

    Major concerns regarding the safety of the Swine Flu vaccination, scheduled for public release this October, has prompted the British Health Protection Agency to contact […]

  • Delaying Immunizations?

    “Delay of DPT immunization until 2 years of age in Japan has resulted in a dramatic decline in adverse side effects. In the period of […]

  • A link between Vaccines and Autism?

    There is a great debate currently unfolding in the U.S., and it centered on the link between childhood vaccines and the development of Autism. Many […]

  • Do Vaccines cause Autism?

    Scientists believe they have found a direct link between childhood vaccinations and autism, asthma and ADHD! These shocking results come from a Generation Rescue study […]

  • Vaccines Are Not Mercury Free

    After much public controversy surrounding the mercury content of childhood vaccinations, Health Advocacy in the Public Interest (HAPI) raised $500 to have four vaccines tested […]

  • We want safer vaccines

    Parents, politicians and organizations are now questioning vaccination safety to an extent we’ve never seen before. “We’re not anti-vaccine, we just want safer vaccines,” they […]