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  • The Lemonade Diet – Are You Tough Enough?

    The Lemonade Diet – Are You Tough Enough? By Shelia Lirette While many people attempt the Lemonade Diet, it is not for the weak willed. […]

  • Gwyneth Paltrow and the Master Cleanser

    In this story Gwyneth Paltrow mentions that she has done The Master Cleanser detox and she considers it “the most hardcore” one she has ever […]

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    After-Thanksgiving Cleanse

    Happy Thanksgiving day-you’ve eaten till you couldn’t anymore, ruined the healthy eating plan that you were on- what do you do now? Try The Dieter’s […]

  • Master Cleanser, a fad?

    I was listening to the radio yesterday, and there was a story on fasting and the Master Cleanser. Apparently this cleanse is becoming a very […]

  • Evil Cinnamon roll

    I’ m on the fourth day of the Master Cleanser-a fast consisting of ingesting nothing but lemonade, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper. So far so […]