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  • In Bed With My Patient

    In Bed With My Patient

    Discs, back surgery, cancer and medical education Tedd Koren, DC The call I got a call from someone who sounded terrible. “Doctor Koren, I’m in […]

  • Technique

    One of the chiropractic techniques that I use in my office is KST (Koren Specific Technique)the main premise os that you use biofeedback to determine […]

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    Lost 22 pounds with an adjustment?

    I like writing about odd cases and circumstances in my practice. Most of the time it’s about some health issue getting better because bodies are […]

  • The Seizures Stopped!

    Recently a patient came in and brought her child in to the office after not being in for almost two and a half years (since […]

  • Lifting his arm up

    I twittered about this the other day- A 10 year old boy came in and had never been able to raise his right arm past […]

  • Tourette’s

    We had a patient come in with back pain. He also had Tourette’s syndrome. He received an adjustment-back felt better, and hardly any spastic movements!

  • Postural Change

    Today I saw an elderly woman in the office. She had severely stooped posture. I usually expect in a case like this that progress could […]

  • Amazing!

    Today a patient came in for a second visit. He said his low back was doing better and I asked him about his strabismus (he […]