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  • Is a popping sound normal during an adjustment?

    As a patient of chiropractic care, you’ve most likely experienced an audible popping or cracking sound the moment particular areas of your spine receive a […]

  • A Cure for Colic

    Being the parent of an infant is a wonderful privilege, but if your baby suffers from colic your new found joy may quickly be replaced […]

  • Can I tell if I have a subluxation without consulting a chiropractor?

    Not always. A subluxation or nerve pressure is like a dental cavity – you may have it for a long time before symptoms appear. That’s […]

  • An adjustment makes all the difference

    Today, I was feeling incredibly uneasy and frustrated. I know I was driving Kim nuts. I couldn’t even stand myself-I figured I needed to get […]

  • Nasty Fall

    Today, as most Sundays, I serve at Oak Leaf Church. As I was walking backstage, I tripped over a storage container and took a nasty […]

  • Chiropractors Help Pregnant Women With Pain

    The above headline comes from the August 14, 2007 issue of the Dallas Morning Star. In this article, Special Contributor Kathleen Green, starts off by […]

  • Mississippi

    I am always honored when someone travels a long way to come see me. Last week, a couple drove all the way from Mississippi to […]

  • Homer Simpson goes to the chiropractor!

    Hey watch this old Simpson’s clip “Chirotown” see how many chiro stereotypes you can count,

  • Another busy week

    How can you tell when it’s been a busy day at your chiropractor’s? Check out the wastepaper baskets! We must have had a two-basket day-because […]

  • Record Week

    Last week we hit a record in the number of patients that we have seen. I gave my assistants a bonus-since they worked hard to […]