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  • 17 day-old Infant gets adjusted

    17 day-old Infant gets adjusted

    This 17 day-old infant was brought in to get checked. Notice that at the beginning she is all curled up in a ball. I was […]

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    What I deal with sometimes

    On a new client’s first visit , I always like to take time and explain chiropractic and the adjustment to everyone. I was talking and […]

  • Technique

    One of the chiropractic techniques that I use in my office is KST (Koren Specific Technique)the main premise os that you use biofeedback to determine […]

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    Lost 22 pounds with an adjustment?

    I like writing about odd cases and circumstances in my practice. Most of the time it’s about some health issue getting better because bodies are […]

  • High Blood Pressure Gone after Chiropractic Adjustment

    Did you know that in 2007 a medical study found that one simple chiropractic adjustment was enough to lower high blood pressure to normal levels? […]

  • Benefits of Chiropractic Adjustments

    Benefits of Chiropractic Adjustments

    Over the decades hundreds of healthcare studies have been conducted. Time and again research shows that chiropractic adjustments are beneficial in multiple ways. The following […]

  • An adjustment makes all the difference

    Today, I was feeling incredibly uneasy and frustrated. I know I was driving Kim nuts. I couldn’t even stand myself-I figured I needed to get […]

  • Mississippi

    I am always honored when someone travels a long way to come see me. Last week, a couple drove all the way from Mississippi to […]