Taco Roc

Taco RocIf you read the reviews of this place on Urbanspoon, you would think that is is a Mexican food paradise! Maybe I went on an “off” day or something, but I wasn’t terribly impressed.

Maybe I am too much of a food snob-especially Mexican food, since I work in Dalton, GA where there are TONS of  good authentic Mexican places. I had a combination plate with one of the items a “tamale” . I was not impressed with any of the items and my enchilada was barely above your average Tex-Mex place that are so popular around here.

Having said all this, I am willing to give it another chance-but if you are a food snob like me, prepare to be underwhelmed. Taco Roc on Urbanspoon


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  1. Michael Wallin Avatar
    Michael Wallin

    I have but three words for this place” muy buena comida”. If my Spanish is correct this means very good food. Hands down this is the best Mexican I have ever had around here, and that includes Dalton, Ga. Best guacamole anywhere!!I consider myself a tamale expert and Taco Roc nailed it with the tamales. My mother and I both ate there for less than $15 and both walked away with a smile and a full belly. I could go on and on about this place but I will sum it up with simply saying” Vive laTaco Roc”

  2. TheTravelinMan Avatar

    As a food snob AND a regular visitor to Mexico City I can testify that Taco Roc is both very good and very authentic! Me gusta Taco Roc!

  3. SD Avatar

    What is the best Mexican restaurant between Chattanooga and Dalton, in your opinion?

  4. Teri Avatar

    I am a self-professed food snob too, and I have been woefully disappointed with the Mexican restaurants in Chattanooga… until I ate at Taco Roc. Taco Roc is by far the most authentic and freshest Mexican in Chattanooga. Good job!!

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