Some People Just Don’t Want To Heal

You can set yourself up to be sick, or you can choose to stay well-Wayne Dyer

While you would think that sounds ridiculous, there are some people out there that either on a conscious or unconscious level-do not want to get heal from whatever their condition is.

I think we have all heard of the person with emphysema or lung cancer who continues to smoke. Obviously, THAT person doesn’t feel like the sacrifice involved is worthwhile. But there are a great many people out there who collect different diagnoses for conditions almost like a scout collects merit badges.

As a health practitioner, I see these types of people all the time-They are more interested in bragging about how hard it is to live with a certain problem than to actually eliminate it.

True healing is not always instant and never comes from pills in a bottle. Our creator gave us an incredible gift-this self-healing body. When there is a lack of health, we always try to blame someone or something else rather than asking,”what have I done to compromise my self-healing ability?”

As a chiropractor, I am looking for an interference in signals from the nervous system to the rest of the body. These interferences make the body less self-aware and decrease our self-healing ability. However, physical interferences are not  the only culprit, sometimes there are belief systems that must be changed or environmental challenges that must be overcome.

Sometimes we must be willing to accept change in order to be able to move forward.