Snooty and condescending

We have been doing an incredible amount of health fairs lately, and we usually get placed fairly close to the flu shot people. I usually don’t complain because that is a good high-traffic location with plently of movement and we always do well right by them. What irked me this morning, however, is the snooty and condescending way that the girls working the booth answered when someone was concerned about getting the flu due to the shot itself.

Maybe one of the problems with healthcare in this country is that we assume that most people are a bunch of idiots and can’t be trusted to make their own healthcare choices.

Let’s make them feel stupid if they ask too many questions.

Three important reasons to avoid the flu shot:

1 The flu shot contains formaldehyde, gelatin and traces of chicken cells.
2 The flu shot contains viral contaminants that have been linked to cancer.
3 You can get the flu shot – and all the risks that go with it – and still get the flu!

There’s more about the flu shot in our previous newsletter-“Autumn and Flu Shots



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