Dr. Madeira’s Weight Loss: Natural and Simple

Everyday Americans are bombarded with advertisements for weight loss plans. Each plan claims to have a unique strategy for rapid weight loss. But if you can’t decipher which weight loss plan is the best for you, or you can’t afford to buy all the extra gadgets and meals that come with the plan, it’s time to consider Dr. Madeira’s Natural and Simple weight loss solution.

When followed diligently, these simple steps can yield remarkable weight loss results.

  • Get on the scale each morning—knowing where you are at the start of each day will help keep you honest with yourself.
  • Stop drinking soda pop forever – both diet and regular sodas are off limits.
  • Eat smaller portions more often. This will minimize insulin release which causes fat storage in your body.
  • Portion your meal in the kitchen, but eat in the dining room. Skip the second helpings.
  • Drink more pure water.
  • Exercise a little bit each day, start small if you have to.
  • Stop eating Trans Fats (a.k.a. partially hydrogenated oils), especially margarine, butter substitutes, commercial peanut butters and French fries!
  • Eliminate the “White Family”—no white sugar, white flour, white rice and white bread.
  • Increase your fiber intake by eating more vegetables (steamed or raw)
  • Eat 8oz. of lean protein each day
  • Wean off coffee. Get down to one cup or none each day.

(Source: the book “Setting Things Straight: Acheiving Spectacular Health Without Medical Guesswork, Drastic Dieting and Deadly Drugs” by Natural Health Care Expert Dr. John Madeira)



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