Should a Child Be Vaccinated?

Tedd Koren, DC

OK, I admit it, I kicked a beehive, or perhaps a hornet’s nest. I commented in a public discussion group about childhood vaccination. A mother wrote asking for advice (“is my kid in danger if she sits next to a non-vaccinated child?”) and about 20 MDs (or med heads) wrote with the usual party line pseudo-scientific mumbo-jumbo foolishness. Not an IQ over their hat size in the bunch.

I felt compelled to answer (below). Let me know what you think of it.

There is scientific controversy as to whether vaccines provide any benefit at all. The current medical school of thought believes that the injection of vaccine ingredients makes children healthier by preventing disease symptoms from appearing.

However according to the classical hygienic school of health (which is based on experience rather than belief), the symptoms we associate with diseases are not the diseases – they are the mechanisms by which the body externalizes (gets rid of) toxins (or “disease”). As Hippocrates (The “Father of Medicine”) famously said, “We call them diseases but they are the cure of diseases.”

From that perspective vaccines do not prevent disease rather vaccines cause illness.

Childhood vaccination is an 18th century medical procedure that injects toxins such as bacteria, viri, and various drugs, and synthetic (unnatural) chemicals deep into a child’s body. This is a bizarre procedure that drives these substances so deep that the child is unable to eternalize the poisons (i.e. have symptoms). The child becomes sick on a very deep level and as a result is more likely to be weaker, less healthy and more prone to chronic (lifelong) diseases.

Research bears out the hygienic school’s approach to wellness; in every study ever done comparing vaccinated to non-vaccinated children, non-vaccinated children are healthier than the vaccinated children or conversely the vaccinated children are sicker than the non-vaccinated children.

Children who are permitted to get sick naturally with “childhood diseases” as nature intended, and experiences the symptoms of acute illness (that are dramatic, uncomfortable, annoying but almost always temporary when properly managed) that include fever, vomiting, skin eruptions, diarrhea etc. have less cancer, heart disease and chronic illness as children and as adults.

Why? Because acute disease detoxifies and cleanses the body. Since ancient times, physical, intellectual and emotional growth spurts have been noticed to occur after a child goes through an acute illness.

In our “scientific” arrogance we have forgotten to respect the wisdom of the body, God-given wisdom, nature, the innate (inborn) intelligence of the body or whatever term you wish to use. Our incredibly sophisticated body has a reason for generating symptoms, especially in children and we must respect the natural cycles of life and work with them, knowing they are there for a reason far beyond our limited scientific, intellectual understanding.

Simply stated, the choice is clear, to have healthier children, do not vaccinate them.

Vaccines make our children seriously sick – for example, the US government has paid over $3 billion to compensate the families of children who were killed or left seriously damaged after routine vaccination. This number reflects only a fraction (only 1% or 2% or less according to some studies) of the damage that occurs because pediatricians rarely report vaccine injuries.

If you can prove the vaccine killed your child you will be compensated $250,000.

Serious damage from vaccination is acknowledged. Just read the pharmaceutical product insert that come with vaccines, and not generally given to parents and you’ll see some pretty nasty things observed after vaccination including encephalitis (inflammation of the brain), all kinds of immunological and neurological conditions, plus death (crib death/SIDS). Let us not forget conditions as varied as allergies and autism – which were barely or non-existent before vaccination.

Do the theoretical benefits of vaccination outweigh the real risks? Absolutely not. Death from diseases of childhood were at least 98% gone before vaccines were in mass usage because of improved living conditions.

Vaccines never prevented death from childhood or other illness and that includes the darlings of vaccination proponents – polio and smallpox. Look behind the curtain and you’ll discover the vaccines had no effect on eliminating these diseases and in fact, increased their occurrence.

Do I recommend you vaccinate your children? Only if you want to risk autism, immune system damage, a chronically sick child, mental/brain disorders and increased chances of heart disease and cancer as an adult – and receive no benefit. In one word – don’t! There are no benefits – only risk.

I must repeat that studies comparing non-vaccinated to vaccinated children reveal the vaccinated to be far sicker with various neurological and immunological (as well as psychological) illnesses than the non-vaccinated. Put another way, non-vaccinated children are healthier than vaccinated children. Why expose your child to such a dangerous procedure? There are zero good reasons to vaccinate a child.

Tedd Koren, DC