Seven Steps to Make it Happen

The following are seven ways you can become your own personal phoenix. Ways to transform your attitudes, which in turn affects your thoughts and actions. By transforming your attitudes, thoughts and actions, you will in turn, transform your career, character and your relationships both personal and professional. These tips will aid you in your trip to success. Starting these steps now will not only create this new beginning but also can create a set of destiny changing habits that can form the life you dream, desire and deserve.

1.  Set a destination – Decide what you want to change. I am not talking about having a vague desire either; I am talking about knowing exactly what you want. The only way to make a significant and lasting change in your life, be it personal or professional, is to first know what it is that you want or need to change. You need a clear vision of your goal and you need to make a conscious decision to pursue that goal.

2.  Know you are a worthy traveler – Realize your ability to change. The principal way to get and stay inspired at any time is to realize you have an amazing ability to change your life immediately and completely.

3.  Map out your route. Your dreams, goals and aspirations will seem far more real, exciting and attainable, as you get more detailed in envisioning them. However, any good traveler knows that to get to your destination or goal you need to have a detailed map and action plan.

4.  Rev your engines and start anew each day. An essential step to staying motivated and starting anew is to consider each day a new start, a new opportunity with new possibilities. Carpe Diem! – seize the day and make it yours. Review your map and take action every day. If you’re only able to take one action today, take the action that will move you towards your goal.

5.  Keep your batteries fully charged. Rest is key here. Do not over task yourself. You will do more damage than good in the end. Decisions, discussions and tasks undertaken when you are fatigued do not get the proper care and attention they need.

6.  Carry extra fuel for your trip by expanding your optimism capacity. Inspiration and optimism go hand in hand, but remember true optimism is not just the belief that all will be well. Optimism is the belief and confidence that taking the right actions will result in the attainment of ones goals and desires. This belief fuels a passionate persistence to take those actions consistently. Thus, the odds are better that you will be willing to make a new start or take on a new challenge. Here are a few quick ways to bolster your fuel for your trip to success. To increase your optimism capacity you need to:
a)  Practice positive thinking.
b)  Feed your mind with healthy input.
c)  Ration your television time.

7.  Fire up your engine and start your trip to success now! If you want to start anew then start now. Do not wait! Nothing dissipates inspiration like inaction.