Self Improvement and Affirmations…

The Pleasure vs. Pain Principle

What holds you back from achieving your dreams or even daring to take them seriously? The first step toward success is self-motivation. There are a number of ways to help support the journey toward its accomplishment.

It may not be easy to accept this, that we find otherwise quiet and retiring people jump from having nothing to experiencing abundance through the power of affirmations.

Affirmations open up your mind to possibilities. Anything that may have been previously out of your grasp, comes within touching distance. But first you need to believe it is possible. What an affirmation actually does is to change your own perceptions and attitude towards yourself. Instead of being a useless person you can become the most valued in your profession, family or neighborhood.

Affirmations will unblock those previous barriers that have held you back. Brick walls become doors, high hurdles become small steps and huge ravines start to have their own bridges.

As a result of derogative and demeaning comments when we were children, these statements are sometimes carried through our life and subsequently they prevent us from achieving our dreams. If you can admit that this is true and such comments have being taken into adulthood then you must also see the flip side of that. Using affirmations lay those early comments to bed and allow the new ‘positive affirmations’ to take over and become more prominent in your mind.

5 Steps to Positively Affirm your Affirmations

1. Repetition is the first step in making affirmations work for you.
2. Getting more involved in affirmations helps the dialog in your sub-conscious mind to cement them with both affection and assurance.
3. Affirmations empower… But you must take regular action to affirm your potential.
4. Believe… Belief is important as a ‘positive’ affirmation means more than a half hearted statement.
5. Resistance is natural. Affirmations can see results in hours, days, weeks and months. the more resistance to your affirmation the longer it will take to manifest Affirmations are also called self-talk, self-suggestions, attitude control, personal reminders, or simply talking to yourself. An affirmation is a statement that describes
a goal in its already completed state.

The word affirmation is redirected from a Latin word affirmare, which means to assert. In layman terms, it means it is the declaration that assures something is true.

Replace the Negative with the Positive. The purpose of the affirmation is to repeatedly tap into the subconscious mind for eventual positive and sustained change to achieve ones desired result.

Affirmations Will Change Your Thinking if you Allow… Opening up your mind will allow a new education. Keeping your mind closed will mean you carry on as normal. The fact that you are reading this means you are contemplating opening your mind.

Crafting good, effective affirmations is not rocket science.

When using affirmations, they should connect with as many of the senses as possible. In your mental experience and affirmation suggestions visit these senses one by one while repeating the same suggestion. Make sure your affirmation

references are made and refer to the present moment. In essence, affirmations should always be accompanied by a mental image or visualization of your desire to the extent possible.

Visualize and Repeat, Over and Over… That doesn’t mean every few seconds. That doesn’t mean get down to some hard work. It means allow it to come to mind and repeat as and when you so desire.

Morning Affirmations:

What am I happy about in life?

What am I excited about in life?

What am I committed to in life?

What am I grateful about in life?

What am I proud about in life?

Who do I love? Who loves me?

Evening Affirmations:

What have I given today?

What have I learned today?

How has today added to the quality of my life? How can I use it as an investment?