Reduce Your Cholesterol without Drugs

Red Yeast Rice from Natures Sunshins
Red Yeast Rice from Nature's Sunshine

One of the things patients always want to know is how to reduce their intake of certain drugs, or find a “natural” alternative to them. One the most surprising supplements that I have come across is Red Yeast Rice.

When clients switch herbal or natural replacement, I always tell them to allow 6-8 weeks to fully see the benefit of the product. However, with Red Yeast Rice I had one client tell me she lowered her cholesterol 100 points in 1 month! While that’s probably not typical, other clients tell me how happy they are to have found something different to bring the cholesterol number down.

Red Yeast Rice was classified as a drug by the FDA for several years because of it’s effectiveness-And as a result taken off the health food store shelves (it’s a drug now). However, since there pharmaceutical companies promoting it-there were no doctors writing prescriptions for it either. After outcries from the natural health community, It was declassified as a drum and allowed to be sold in health food stores again.

Red Yeast Rice carries no contraindications (except to people sensitive to yeast products)

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