Reduce High Blood Pressure Without Pills

Isolated pills

Are you dealing with high blood pressure? Medications will only mask the problem. According to a study conducted in late 2007 it’s time for you to stop relying on prescription medication and turn to a natural, healhty way to eliminate hypertension: chiropractic adjustments.

The study found that the correction of a spinal misalignment of the Atlas vertebra was often associated with reductions in blood pressure in hypertensive people.

In a two-month study 50 high blood pressure patients, who were found to have a misalignment at the Atlas vertebrae, were divided into two groups. The first group was the control group which received faux chiropractic adjustments. The second group received chiropractic care to specifically align the Atlas vertebrae. No one in either of the groups took any medication during the study.

When the study began, the average blood pressure of the control group was 145/91. The average blood pressure of the chiropractic adjustment group was 147/92. At the end of the study the chiropractic adjustment group experienced a significant decrease in blood pressure, averaging to 130/82. The control group maintained their original high blood pressure readings.

Medical experts said that chiropractic adjustments naturally delivered the same results that would occur when a hypertension patient simultaneously took two different blood pressure reducing medications.

Isn’t it good to know that chiropractic adjustments can create better health without the use of potentially harmful medication?

[Source: Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research, 10-29-07]