Psoriasis can kill you

A bad case of psoriasis can lead to a heart attack!

This is the conclusion researchers came up with after conductiong a study that was published in JAMA-the Journal of the American Medical Association they found that people with psoriasis in their forties were more than twice as likely to die of a heart attack than people without the skin disease.

This is attributed to inflammation. You can view the story here.

So what can you do to combat inflammation? A great product that I recommend to my patients is Thai-GO, from Nature’s Sunshine.



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  1. Noah Martin Avatar

    the redness and itchiness of Psoriasis can be relieved easily by corticosteroids.~’`

  2. Morgan Palmer Avatar

    my friend is a Psoriasis sufferer for several years and there seems to be no permanent cure for it. .-

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