Pressure Points for Quick Relief!

I use this method myself to get rid of headaches. It works most of the time!

The only time when it really hasn’t worked for me is for a migraine-and then it took “the edge off” so the pain was actually bearable.

When you are experiencing a headache, grab the web between your thumb and other fingers and look for a very sensitive nodule or “pea” within the web of your hand. Start pinching this nodule –IT SHOULD FEEL VERY SENSITIVE!

At this point you might want to ask a friend to work that spot until it releases (the reason you want to get someone else to work it is that you will never apply the proper pressure needed to fully release the nodule because it’s a bit uncomfortable and painful)

If you choose to work on it yourself, or are unable to find someone to help, continue pinching and squeezing this spot-and at the same time slowly start moving your head and neck in a circular fashion. As you do this, occasionally you will hear a “pop” in your neck or head.

You are temporarily correcting a possible misalignment of the cervical vertebra that caused the headache in the first place. After you feel the nodule release, switch hands and repeat.

You may also find yourself wanting to twirl your ankles around, when doing this-this will help to unwind the twisting and torquing that stress adds to your body.

Other things to do to avoid headaches:

Avoid artificial sweeteners (like NutraSweet) certain studies have shown that aspartame is an irritant to the nervous system
Get a chiropractic checkup-misaligned vertebrae are a leading cause of headaches