Pink Ribbon? No, thank you.

imageEvery year we are all inundated with request to buy a ribbon, to walk, to give your extra change to find “a cure” for breast cancer.

Sorry, but I can’t. The reason is that most of these foundations don’t do any sort of alternative medicine research. If you were to listen to the media, you would think that the only treatment that has any hope of being successful is traditional medical treatment. What about successful treatments by Rene Caisse in Canada in the 1930’s?

What about treatments using megadoses of antioxidants?

Some people would say that some of these treatments are “unproven” or “not scientific”.

Well, let’s do some research on the thousands of case studies that have shown these treatments to work.

We need to stop subsidizing drug companies’ efforts for “research” and start to find real answers. Just think of all the billions of dollars wasted by looking in the wrong direction.

Did you know that more people earn their living from cancer than actually have the disease? That industry is not interested in a cure, they just want people to live a little longer by taking their drugs.

It’s not that I am insensitive to people with cancer, I lost my father to cancer. I just think that if we truly wanted to find a cure, we would have done it in the 36 years since president Nixon declared “the war on cancer”

So, do you want me to buy a ribbon? Don’t get me started again..





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    You are absolutely ‘right on’! Just by taking vitamin ‘D’, will reduce risk of breast cancer as vit D is a ‘breast health’ nutrient. Most women are deficient in vit D…go figure, poor breast health. Have a ‘breast thermagram” done annually vs a mammogram. Thermagram works as prevention (been around since 1950’s and approved 1982 by FDA) and the mammogram is for detection. However, insurance companies won’t cover a thermagram (it’s preventative), but it is well worth the cost ($150).

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