Oral Chelation Program

Mega Chel Oral Chelation Program 

Oral Chelation Program (Mega Chel)
Not every product is needed for every person. The brain herbs are optional. Determine which product in each category is needed by the individual and check it.

Recommended Usage:

1 month minimum for every 10 years of age!
Mega Chel Oral Chelate, 6 twice a day
Trace Mineral Maintenance, 6 twice a day
or Colloidal Minerals, or Mineral Chi, 1 tbsp twice a day
HS II or Gingko & Hawthorn, 2 three times a day
*Capsicum, 1 or 2 three times a day
*Gotu Kola, GGC, Mind Max or Gingko Gotu Kola; 1 – 3 daily
*Blessed Thistle, 2, three times a day
Lecithin, 2 -4, three times a day
Food Enzymes, or PDA and Proactazyme, 2 three times a day

*These are optional products beneficial to the brain specifically

Suggestion: Start the oral chelate with 1 x 2, each week adding one more each time until reaching 6 x 2.
If you feel you want to see your progress:
Check your progress without expensive Thermography testing. Purchase one of the paper thermometer designed to be used on the forehead. These can be wrapped around each finger and then around each toe to give you a reading. This will he your starting point and in 8 – 12 weeks you can check again to see if there is an increase in temperature which would indicate an increase in blood flow.

Special Notes:
1. FLATULENCE: Because of a change for the better in the intestinal flora brought about by these tablets, lower bowel gas may occur for a few days. It will be over within 3-7 days.

2. INDIGESTION: Be sure to take tablets with meals at all times, preferably in a meal containing some protein. Never take them on an empty stomach. Following this advice will usually solve all problems.

3. FATIGUE: Because there is considerable release of debris into the blood stream, there may be temporary decrease in the ability of the body to carry oxygen. This will produce a need for more rest and relaxation for about 7-10 days. This occurs in the individuals who need assistance the most. Fiber and bowel cleansing will help prevent this.
These minor discomforts only occur in about 5% of the people using the product. As indicated, the relief from these changes is within the first 10 days after which no further problems should occur.These and other fine products are available from the following Herb Specialist of Nature’s Sunshine Products:

The purpose of this information is not to prescribe or diagnose; only to offer information about what has been effective and helpful to others and to assist you in cooperating with your doctor in your health building program. In the even that you use this information without your doctor’s approval, you are prescribing for yourself which is your right, but your supplier assumes no responsibility.





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