No Supplements Until Visit #3

At my office, we see people for a variety of health issues. What I usually do is take a health history, examine the patient and give them my recommendations. Most of the time when we find nervous system interference, we recommend a plan of chiropractic care.

I have had patients say to me, “Someone told me to come see you for my digestive issues-I expected you to recommend some herbs or supplements and let me go on my way.” “Why are you going to adjust my spine? My back doesn’t hurt!”

Pressure on the nervous system can cause any number of problems-including digestive issues! I like to wait for visit # 3 to see if clearing out the nervous system took care of those health concerns. THEN, if we need to we will recommend nutritional supplementation. My patients appreciate that (it saves people a TON of money on supplements) And we find that there is no need for a lot of these products of your nervous system is free of subluxations (pressure)