Nature’s Sunshine

Some patients have asked me about our apparent “switch” to Nature’s Sunshine products. There has been no switch. I have been using NSP products since 1997 and have been recommending them to my patients.  At the Natural Life Clinic we try to offer only the best products to our patients-ones that I can feel good about recommending.

There are incredible products out there. There are incredible “doctor’s only” lines that have some wonderful products. They are usually also incredibly expensive. I have also used a line of high quality lower-priced products. These can be usually found in independent health food stores. The one thing I have found is that freshness is sometimes an issue with that line.

Throughout all this, NSP’s products have continued to give my patients incredible results-If I need to special order a product I will literally receive it in 1 or 2 days. 

Now we have introduced the Compass Bio-Scan to our patients. It measures responses and will recommend products specific to what is going on in your body. We have these wonderful tools available in our practice now to find the BEST nutritional products for your situation. And yes, those would mostly now be Nature’s Sunshine products.

If you would like to arrange for a complementary Bio-Scan session, please call our office at 706-529-1149