My Weight Loss “Secret”

A lot of you have been asking me what exactly I have done to lose approximately 30 lbs. The reality is that there is no secret-I’ve been watching calories…basically that’s it.

Nutritionally, I am doing the JumpStart program from NSP, with ONE exception…I don’t take the Solstic Energy. Not that it’s not a good product…I don’t generally need an extra “boost” of energy. The Protein meal replacement is wonderful..I can actually skip a meal after having just a shake. No hunger or cravings. One of the reasons is because the SmartMeal contains fats and vitamins as well as the other vitamins that are included in the JumpStart pack.

If you are feeding your body “good stuff” it won’t ask you fot “junk”.

In the interest of full disclosure-I just wanted to let you know that I am a NSP distributor and that if you click on these links and order product, my account will be credited and that results in a financial benefit to me.

Another product I really like is the Clif Builder’s Bar it’s delicious and has 20 g of Protein.

And lastly, probably the one thing that’s helped me the most is the MyFitnessPal Application for my phone. (you can join on the website if you don’t have a smart phone) It allows me to track my calories (even dining out), exercises, tracks my progress, and it even has a social feature that lets you cheer on friends and let them cheer YOU on your weight loss goals.

Other things I do:

  • No artificial sweeteners
  • Cut down on breads and pastries (not that I’m on a strict no carb plan, it’s that they’re too “expensive” calorically!
  • I have eliminated milk from my diet-It wasn’t on purpose..I just found that since I was mixing my SmartMeal shakes with it. It started to upset my stomach. I have switched to Almond Milk and think it’s absolutely delicious!
  • I used to drink Orange Juice in large more. Too many calories.
  • I’m working out. I don’t have 5 hours a day to be able to spend in the gym, but I do have 45 minutes…long enough for mr to run for 30 minutes and do one or two sets of something and get out! If I burn 300 calories in a workout..that’s 300 calories I can splurge on something I really want to eat.
  • I have to watch myself with eating out. places like Chili’s and Applebee’s must use preservatives or MSG or something in their food, because even though I’ve watched my calories-my progress gets bogged down for days after eating at one of those places. Fortunately, I have a Natural Food Supermarket close by where I have meals several times a week. (too many times, I’m told)
  • I go over my calorie limit sometimes. I get over it. I will be better tomorrow. When that happens, I ask myself “Was it worth it?” sometimes it is..Most times it isn’t.
So that’s it! Has it been hard? Actually, no! Does it take some dedication, yes. Is it worth it? Definitely! I’m liking what I see in the mirror, and that has increased my self-esteem and confidence level.

Hopefully some of my tips and experiences here can be of some help to you in your weight loss adventures!

JumpStart Plan

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