More joy and happiness

Here is what experts describe as common characteristics of people who describe themselves as happy:

1. CHOOSE TO SEE THE GOOD – Focusing on positive events and choosing to see the good in most any situation is a common characteristic of happy people. They expect and visualize a good future, which helps them to dilute the effect of any negatives that they are dealing with at the present time.

2. LOOK FOR EMOTIONAL UPLIFTS – They develop the ability to notice and savor the small pleasures of everyday events that on a regular basis bring extra joy and excitement into their lives.

3. ADAPT QUICKLY – Happy people tend to quickly adjust to new situations and changing realities. They do not fear changes but see them, and life, as a continuous adventure.

4. FULL LIVES – They find great satisfaction in living a life of many activities that flow together. Engaging in absorbing activities enables them to forget themselves, temporarily lose track of time and stop worrying.

5. FRIENDLY – The love of family and friends nourishes them. One study showed that during a nine year period, people who connected with family and/or friends on a weekly basis lived an average of eight years longer and had 87per cent less risk of dying from all causes.

6. ALTRUISTIC – Being a giver boosts their happiness. One study of senior citizens showed that those who provided practical help and emotional support to relatives and friends were not only happier, but cut their death rate by 60 percent.

7. FORGIVING – The trait most strongly linked to happiness, but the hardest for many to activate, seems to be the ability to forgive. Some psychologists describe it as the queen of all virtues.

Researchers were nearly unanimous in their opinion that happiness is a matter of choice. By putting more focus on the positive thoughts and activities and being a blessing to others, you can raise your Happiness Set-Point. Remember, whatever you give your attention to, you create more of.

*special thanks to Bob Harrison Ministries




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