mindMindset is everything. To be successful, you have to have a mindset of success. That there may, be obstacles-but there is no question about the outcome. There will be SUCCESS!

The Law of Attraction, The Secret, all talk about having a certain mindset of success.

Dr. Sid Williams talked about trying to sell cookware while he was a student at chiropractic college. He went to tie his shoes and his foot went through his shoe. This apparently distracted his conscious mind and suddenly he started feeling intense LOVE and staying with this feeling- and people would be naturally attracted to you.

Dr. Billy Graham said that he was not succesful in as a pastor in bringing people to god until he was briefly distracted by a falling leaf. That’s when he knew that if he was to bring people to god, he had to accept the Bible as the Word of God with complete certainty.

People are attracted to confidence
People want to be loved.