Meet your New Doctor: Big Pharma

In April 2007 the Washington Post reported that pharmaceutical companies are working harder than ever to reach doctors and influence the medicine they prescribe to patients. Pharmaceutical sales representatives are now visiting doctor’s offices with more frequency, and they don’t come empty handed. In order to charm doctors and sell more medication, sales reps shower doctors with gifts, free meals and consulting fees—all in an effort to push more medication and get richer, faster.

The>New England Journal of Medicine states that 94 percent of U.S. doctors have some sort of relationship with drug companies and at least 80 percent of these doctors admitted to receiving free meals and drug samples (which they handed out in their office.) Another 28 percent of doctors said they had been paid by pharmaceutical companies to give lectures about medications and to sign up patients for clinical trials.

Do you realize that such heavy influence from drug reps means that pharmaceutical companies have now become your doctor—and they’ve never even met you! They don’t know your lifestyle. They don’t know your medical history. They don’t know what adverse reaction you’ll have to their medication. All they know is that persuading doctors to prescribe their medicine is making them rich.

Think twice before you fill that prescription. Better yet, take proactive measures to improve and secure your health naturally. Eat smart. Get exercise. And Make chiropractic adjustments a regular part of your lifestyle.




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