Lower your Cholesterol Naturally

If you’ve been told your cholesterol levels are too high, don’t just rely on prescription medication to improve your condition—that should be an absolute last resort. Medication only masks the real problem, anyway. Instead, choose a natural, non-invasive cholesterol lowering plan that comes with no negative side effects and is proven to improve all other areas of your health. What is this natural method? It is a healthy lifestyle combination of proper food, regular exercise and chiropractic adjustments.

But before we reveal the details on how these three ingredients can lower your cholesterol, there are few things you should know.

Often cholesterol is seen as a villain, but the truth is that our bodies need cholesterol—even what the government refers to as “bad cholesterol”—to survive. Each cell in our body needs cholesterol in order to reproduce, grow and function. The real job of cholesterol is to help rid our bodies of harmful waste and fats, while also delivering beneficial components that help to heal internal areas that have been damaged.

A high cholesterol count is not always a problem, it is often a sign that other things in your body are under attack. You see, chronic inflammation of your arteries and other internal body parts can be caused by many unhealthy things. When internal inflammation or deterioration occurs, the human body naturally creates more cholesterol to help heal and repair the damage.

Therefore to properly lower cholesterol, you must lower or eliminate the internal damage that is being done to your body. Three common catalysts of internal damage are:

Poor Eating Habits: Fatty processed foods, trans fats and high refined sugar intakes can wreak havoc on your internal processes.

Lack of Exercise: Failure to increase your heart rate on a regular basis can drastically limits your immune system’s ability to provide the proper defense your body needs to stay healthy on the inside and reduce inflammation in the body.

Spinal Misalignments: Misaligned vertebrae in the spine can partially or totally block brain signals that are being sent to areas of the body, causing faulty bodily functions, inflammation and pain.

To reduce high cholesterol levels, improve your eating and exercise habits and receive chiropractic adjustments on a regular basis. It’s a simple plan that works for most. So before you let your doctor medicate you with unnecessary chemicals that mess with your body’s natural processes, can cause nasty side effects and cost hundreds of dollars each year, opt first for a simple and natural plan for better health.

Dr.Dan said…

One of my patients lowered her cholesterol 100 points in 1 month using Red Yeast Rice


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  1. Dr.Dan Avatar

    One of my patients lowered her cholesterol 100 points in 1 month using Red yeast Rice

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