Lost 22 pounds with an adjustment?

Time to start that diet

I like writing about odd cases and circumstances in my practice. Most of the time it’s about some health issue getting better because bodies are working better with chiropractic adjustments.

Today we had a lady come a month after her first adjustment. She reported that after her first visit, she had an emotional release, but felt better the next day. Her arm numbness and depression improved, and when she went in for her regular medical check-up, she was astonished to find out that she had lost 22 pounds in 1 month! Surprised because there were no other lifestyle changes other than the 1 chiropractic adjustment.

What kind of adjustment was it? It was a standard KST (Koren Specific Technique) adjustment. How did it affect her weight loss? I don’t know. Maybe her thyroid gland wasn’t working properly and the adjustment restored proper glandular function. Maybe since her mood improved, she ate less. (although she said that NOTHING in her routine had changed)

What needs to be working better in YOUR body? Maybe an adjustment can’t make YOU lose 22 pounds, but maybe it can help restore proper function in some other area.