Kids and Chiropractic

Childcare books rarely talk about one of the most important things you can do to help keep your child healthy and happy—have their spine evaluated for misalignments.

The spinal cord houses important nerve pathways that carry messages vital to proper childhood development. That’s why it’s important to realize that a healthy spine begins at birth. Even if you’ve embarked upon a natural childbirth, your baby’s delicate neck is still at risk for misalignment. Left uncorrected, spinal misalignments early in life can grow into distorted spines and cause discomfort, pain and even sickness.

“But my child isn’t complaining of back pain.”

Don’t be fooled. Misalignments of the spine manifest themselves in many ways—not just as back pain. Look at it this way. You don’t wait until your child has a toothache to take him to the dentist; you take preventive measures and schedule bi-annual teeth cleanings. Why would you not do the same for the health of your child’s spine? Take proactive measures to make sure you child does not end up with back pain or other more serious health issues.

It’s never too early to start your child on a preventative chiropractic adjustment routine. Newborns, toddler and young children alike will receive a painless spine evaluation and any misalignments are gently corrected. It’s not scary. There are no loud bangs, snaps or cracks. Some Doctors of Chiropractic prefer to have a parent hold their small child while the adjustment is administered. It’s a simple and easy way to help your child feel more relaxed and you to feel more confident. Chiropractic care can boost your child’s immune system and ensure that their body is growing and operating at maximum capacity.

Give your child a head start to a healthy life. If you have not had your child’s spine evaluated, talk to your chiropractor today.