Is Sugar Making you Sick?

Did you know that an 8-ounce serving of fruit-flavored yogurt contains almost as much sugar as a 12-ounce can of soda? Unfortunately, many of today’s popular foods are loaded with refined sugars. Refined sugar carries no nutritional value and does nothing but add calories that your body must use immediately, or store as fat. More important, sugar has been found to weaken the immune system, leaving you more susceptible to many kinds of illness.

Basically, refined sugar weakens white blood cells. The job of the white blood cell is to attack and destroy bad bacteria and cancerous cells growing in your body. When you consume sugar, your immune system loses strength making it more likely for bad bacteria and cancerous cells to multiply and grow. When this happens, your health declines and your body begins to show signs of sickness.

So what should you do? Minimize refined sugar. Say no to candy and cookies, read food labels, and choose whole, natural foods. But that’s only half the battle. To maintain a strong and healthy immune system, regular Chiropractic adjustments are in order. As your chiropractor removes subluxations—or misalignments of the spine—your brain is able to send uninterrupted messages to all the cells, nerves, and muscles in your body. When all parts of your body are working in harmony like this, you are much more likely to remain healthy and strong.

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