Intestinal Obstruction?

The other day a patient brought in her 8 year old boy bent over in pain, wanting to see if there was anything I could do for him.

The boy was in severe pain, bent over and could not straighten up. I took him back to the consultation room and palpated the abdomen, and there were areas of severe pain. I thought that it could be a case of appendicitis or infection, but there was no temperature and the location of the pain was not quite right.

I told the mom to take the boy to the emergency room immediately, because i could not find the cause of the problem. I told her let me check him chiropractically, because his body would definitely work better if it was free of subluxations.

Checked his cervicals, and adjusted his C1 -the boy commented that the pain was better!

Checked lumbars and adjusted several of them-Pain improved some more!

Adjusted Ilium and Pain improved better still, but wait the boy had to use the restroom

After what seemed to take forever-(because the waiting room was full and I was a bit stressed over that)The boy and mom emerged from bathroom saying that there was no pain of any kind!

Apparently, the adjustment got the boy’s body working better and after a rather large BM, cleared the apparent obstruction in the intestine.

Chiropractic Works!



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