How you can help your Sciatica

If you suffer from sciatic pain, or pain that radiates down from the buttocks down the back of the leg, the technique that follows may be of some help to you.This can be performed lying down on a firm surface or standing.

Bring your foot out-away from the rest of your body and turn the toes pointing out away from the body. If this maneuver makes the pain better, then your sciatic nerve is being squeezed as it passes through the piriformis muscle.

By performing this maneuver, you are forcing the piriformis muscle to relax somewhat,easing pressure on the sciatic nerve.

Of course, you should probably consult a chiropractor anyway regarding this problem. This maneuver is a temporary solution to a problem that usually only gets worse with time.



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  1. Madelyn Cox Avatar

    i have some slight back pain and stretching helps a bit to reduce its severity;-.

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