How to Get Carpal Tunnel Relief

If you’re suffering with the pain and discomfort of carpal tunnel, don’t turn to medicine or surgery to find relief, instead, turn to your trusted chiropractor.

The carpal tunnel, found in the wrist, is actually a narrow opening formed by eight carpal bones and their ligaments. Several tendons, as well as the median nerve (which carries messages between the hand and the spinal cord), all pass through the carpal tunnel.

Due to repetitive motions, accidents, the swelling of pregnancy or illness, and other conditions may cause one of the carpal bones to slip out of place and interfere with the ligaments or the median nerve found in the tunnel. When this happens a person will experience the pain and discomfort of carpal tunnel syndrome.

To correct this condition a Chiropractor will examine the wrist bones and provide a gentle adjustment to the wrist in an effort to realign the carpal bones. The Chiropractor will also check your spine to make sure the median nerve is not being pinched as it leaves the neck on its way to the arm and hand which can affect the function of the arm and hand.



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