How the Flu Shot is Made

vaccineThe national news media is spreading a lot of fear as they consistently focus on the dangers of contracting the H1N1 (Swine flu) virus and the seasonal influenza virus.

When will vaccinations be made available to the public? Who is most at risk for contracting the flu? How many flu deaths are predicted for this season’s outbreak? Panic, worry, fear—it’s the same story every day. But why is the news media not talking about HOW these flu vaccinations are made and the hidden dangers found within each shot? Here’s the rest of the story the media is not telling us; this is how the typical seasonal flu shot is made:

First, government scientists choose three different strains of influenza virus they “think” will be most prevalent the following winter. Picking the right strains is difficult, as was proven in 2008 when the wrong virus strains were selected. Everyone who got the flu shot that year was needlessly injected with a non-prevelent strain of live flu virus plus a bunch of harmful chemicals.

Once the three virus strains are selected they are grown inside hundreds of thousands of fertilized chicken eggs. As the flu virus grows rampantly inside each egg, vaccine makers inject the eggs with several dangerous chemicals.

For instance, formaldehyde (a known cancer-causing agent and preservative) is added to make the flu virus become inactive. Aluminum, believed to cause Alzheimer’s disease and negatively affect brain activity, is also added to promote antibody response. Thimerosal, a compound which is 49 percent mercury by weight, is used to disinfect the vaccine. For last year’s 2008/2009 flu season two-thirds of all flu vaccines contained a full dose of thimerosal. The amount of mercury found in those thimerosal containing flu shots exceeded the Environmental Protection Agency’s safety limit by 25,000 times!

In an effort to get the flu strain to behave the way scientists need it to behave, other chemicals are added to the flu vaccine. One of those additives is Triton-X 100, more commonly known as a detergent. Ethylene glycol, think antifreeze, is also put into the mixture. Then comes a plethora of antibiotics such as streptomycin, gentamicin, and neomycin—antibiotics that cause allergic reactions in some people.

Seperately, these chemicals are harmful to the human body. Together, they have the potential to be lethal.

So how do you stay healthy during flu season? Take a powerful approach that is all natural. Start by washing your hands frequently. Then give your immune system a huge boost by receiving weekly chiropractic adjustments. Eat smart meals full of veggies and fruits and make sure to exercise regularly. Remember, an ounce of natural pevention will go a long way to keep you healthy this flu season.

[Source:, Donald W. Miller, Jr. MD article “Avoid flu shots, take vitamin D instead”]