How Many Tylenols Will It Take?

Q: How many Tylenols will it take to un-pinch a nerve in your neck?

A: Trick question. You can take as many pills as you want-while it MAY relieve the pain caused by this pinched nerve. It will not address the cause: the pinched nerve itself.

That is a physical problem and you are trying to address it with chemical means. Will never work.

In chiropractic we call a pinched nerve a subluxation. These can cause pain-and while drugs can cover up the SYMPTOMS, chiropractic addresses the Cause itself. What is interesting is that only about 10% of our body’s nerves carry pain signals-what do the other 90% of the nerves carry? Information. They carry information that helps the brain control the functions of the body.

What happens when THESE nerves are pinched? Well, the transmission of this information is compromised and call lead to a malfunction somewhere in the body.  Dis-ease, or lack of ease happens when an organ or body part cannot function properly due to insufficient communication with the brain and nervous system.

Have a chiropractic check up to determine if you have pinched nerves (subluxations) that are sabotaging your chance for health,