How Chiropractic Works

Our body is made up of trillions of cells that form our tissues and organs. Those cells are connected to our brains by way of a vast network of nerve pathways, known as our nervous system. Your brain directs and controls all body function by sending messages down your spinal cord to reach every tissue and organ in your body.

Every cell of your body is in constant contact with your brain, controlling your heart beat, blood pressure, digestion, immune system, liver and kidney function, blood cell production, body movement, etc. But when a misalignment of the spine occurs, some of your body’s nerve pathways get blocked, inhibiting brain to cell communication. This blockage interferes with the body’s ability to heal itself and work properly. The scary part is that many people have a spinal misalignment and they don’t even know it. They do not feel discomfort in their back, but the misalignment may be secretly causing problems elsewhere in their body. That’s why receiving chiropractic adjustment on a regular basis is so important to good health.

Chiropractors are rigorously trained for eight years to evaluate the health and alignment of the spine, and its impact on the rest of the body. The treatment delivered by chiropractors is a very safe and painless procedure—so safe that it won’t even harm the spine of a tiny infant.

Chiropractic adjustment restores the normal nerve flow from the brain to the body, and back again. In order for your energy to be strong and for your to feel and function at your best, it is imperative that your spine be checked and adjusted to remove misalignments on a regular basis.

[Source: Setting Things Straight, John H. Madeira, D.C. available at]



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